ROLLMOTTLE | Fear Ritual


fear ritual

RELEASE NOTES FROM SENTRALL                       

SENTRALL Records returns with another emotionally-charged full length album from Los Angeles native Rollmottle. From the motorik opener, to the near-Balearic closer, “Fear Ritual” bristles with an electric energy. "Fear Ritual” sees Rollmottle fully showcasing his skill as a bassist and guitarist. Live basslines give “Fear Ritual” an organic foundation upon which his New Order guitar melodies and mercurial modular synthesizers thrive. The beats are enormous, sometimes unpredictable but always driving forward. Rollmottle’s skill as a producer is again on display. His dense, expansive worlds are infinitely explorable and reward repeated listening. Each song stands as a microcosm of the larger piece — you start in one place and end up in a completely different one, uplifted from the experience and hopeful for what comes next.

01 The Great Attractor
02 Cloud Generator
03 Grandview Crisis
04 Fear Ritual
05 Low Orbit
06 The Storyteller
07 Planted
08 The Sum of All There Is

Digital Only Bonus
01 Happy Hour
02 Planted (B-Boys On Fleek Mix)