A1. Efia
A2. Bakur
A3. Kasa Me H?
A4. Lamiya
B1. Im Dunkeln
B2. Six Years Old Child
B3. Rilan
B4. Ciya



Efia, the sophomore album by Rosaceae, picks up where the Hamburg-based sound artist's 2019 debut on Neoprimitive left off, further exploring the topics that had already informed Nadia's Escape. From its confrontative front cover to the eight tracks on the album, Efia is fully dedicated to the motif of resistance, but does not exhaust itself in polemics. Rather, it masterfully translates the complexities of its underlying central themes into a visceral narrative.

Efia was originally conceived as a commissioned work for the 2019 edition of Hamburg's Noisexistance festival and departed from a sentence uttered in the British 1980s TV show Sapphire & Steel which inspired cultural theorist Mark Fisher in his analysis of what he had coined hauntology, a term originally coined by the Algerian-French philosopher Jacques Derrida in the early 1990s: There is no time here, not anymore.

The album again showcases Rosaceae's knack for combining abstract experimental sound art with a form of storytelling that had already been at the centre of Nadia's Escape and which relies on both verbal and musical means of giving a voice to the voiceless. The disembodied voice of - amongst others - Jesseline Preach and manipulated vocal samples blend in with dense soundscapes, elements of Neue Musik and occasional pure harsh noise. It's a mix that deliberately puts different artistic traditions into a dialogue with each other: the hallmarks of European salon culture are confronted with Kurdish wedding music and the unnerving loop of someone demanding a Zugabe (encore).