SASCHA DIVE | Cornerstone



Label: Bondage
Cat No: BOND12056


12" deepness Detroit electronic house single tribal


A1. Dub Chronicles #3
A2. Cornerstone
B1. Ancient Tribal Drums
B2. It's A Groove


Following his beautiful 'Detroit Sunrise' EP on the label last year, the inimitable Sascha Dive returns to Bondage Music once again for another deep frequency encounter. The safe word is bass as Sascha picks up where he left us with two 'Dub Chronicles' tracks on the previous release. Now comes the third; a lavish, unhurried exploration 'Dub Chronicles 3' lights the fire with hazy, hypnotic charm and a spoken word well known to those familiar with the foundations. What follows is a trip that grows in intensity and emotions. 'Cornerstone' is a beautiful 11pm track; fleet of foot in the kick department and arms aloft in the vibe department. Total elevation. 'Ancient Tribal Drums', meanwhile, takes us much deeper into the night. That rolling conga line will tie you up just the way Bondage likes it while the dubby echoes provide sense-tingling relief… Before the finale takes us to even dreamier heights. Living up to its name, 'It's A Groove' brings the elements of the whole EP together; the dubby hypnosis, the warm, driving beats and that unique sense that you're not quite tied into any reality while Sascha plays. The chronicles continue…