SEAN LA'BROOY | Out Moving Windows


out moving windows

Label: Analogue Attic
Cat No: AAR020


12" balearic jazz LP


A1. Splash
A2. It Might Rain
A3. Triplet Falls
B1. Bar Solitude
B2. Northcote, Winter Solice
B3. Thank You For Everything
B4. Splash *Other Joe Arrangement*



Out Moving Windows is a 7 track LP out early October from Sean La'Brooy, co-founder of Australia's Analogue Attic and one half of Albrecht La'Brooy.

Currently based in New York, La'Brooy presents an emotional and contemplative record that leans on acoustic instrumentation, drawing on collaborations with a range of New York and Melbourne based jazz musicians, and a remix from Other Joe.

Those familiar with the nine records released under Albrecht La'Brooy will recognise the expressive piano and synth lines that feature. Here, the piano Jazz and Improvisation graduate creates space for long-form solos from himself and featuring instrumentalists.

True to what we expect from the ever-maturing Analogue Attic, this is a listening album; orchestrated pads with dance-leaning rhythms meet piano chords, guitar and brass melodies. Arranged with the idea of the contemplative state experienced during a solo commute, as the name Out Moving Windows alludes to.