SHIBATA HATSUMI | Old Clothes Something / Let Me Hear It Again


old clothes something / let me hear it again

Label: Columbia Japan

Format: 7" Import
Cat: JS7S148

disco funk japan pop reissue soul



Shibata Hatsumi 's finest funk / Mellow Tune is the first 7 inches!

Japanese Soul · Queen, Shibata Hatsumi which are re-evaluated recently such as publication on Japanese Mono · Disc Guide and recording of music to Light Melow · Comp. In this work, I pick up popular songs of Japanese monologue and rare groove that I left in the mid-seventies of the 1970s across the album. A side "old clothes like something" that was included in the '75 song 'Woman singing the blues' is a funk tune that the black performance by Kuni Kawachi arranging glows. Fat drums and bouncing bass are the best coolest Japanese made funk songs. On the other side of the album "Singer Lady" announced in the same year, B side "Tell me again" is Mid Mellow Tune reminiscent of Roberta Flack, Syreeta. Vocal full of transparency and freshness peculiar to female · singer in New Seoul period, and a cool feeling backing by flute and vibraphone invite you to a comfortable groove.