SKINNERBOX | Gender *Axel Boman/Aunti Flo Rmxs*


gender *axel boman/aunti flo rmxs*

Label: Turbo

Format: 12" Import
Cat: TURBO192

electronic minimal rack techno tribal


Turbo Recordings is proud to present a release a full year in the making. A&R’d by Turbo Elder Thomas Von Party, Gender embodies the adventurous spirit of his own Multi Culti label, and marks a return to the kind of mega remix pack we used to make when the world was young and an alternate dub rework was all you needed to get by. Germany’s Skinnerbox sets the template with a high-speed jungle rave banger, which is an accurate enough description but not something we would expect you to ever repeat out loud. The 12-inch also features versions by Swedish nice guy Axel Boman, who missed the submission deadline by 13 minutes but still managed to turn in a 12-minute epic jam, and Glasgow’s Auntie Flo, who somehow harnessed the siren song of the iPhone with a marimba-heavy mix.