SOUL OF HEX | Helipop EP


helipop ep


This second half of 2017 Quintessentials will offer a lot of south american music. Like from our long time friend and regular guest Soul of Hex! Hailing from Tijuana, Soul Of Hex (also know as Sebastien Vorhaus) has a rich, nuanced and grainy style with an authenticity that’s closer in sound to vintage Detroit or New York pastures, despite his Mexican heritage. Busy DJing, producing and running his own label Vicario LTD, Soul of Hex is a driving force in the Mexican scene. His new Helipop EP offers different styles like a downbeat intro, a deep bassy rough house cut (Helipop) plus 2 back to oldschool rave/warehouse tunes not afraid using some uplifting pianos, catchy vocals and deep basslines. House music all night long!