SPIKE | Sometimes *Sexican Version* (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)


sometimes *sexican version* (justin van der volgen remix)

Label: Golf Channel

Format: 12" Domestic

electronic experimental house mid-tempo rock


Taking Chris Munoz’s aka The Sexican’s take on “Sometimes” from the forthcoming Spike remix LP “Orange Cloud Version” as its starting point, Golf Channel favourite Justin Van Der Volgen shunts this bad boy that little bit further through the doors of the club, puts something on it’s tongue and kicks it into the big room. Beefy drums, a stoopid fresh bass line, big vocals and a tough, explosive, rocky guitar riff ensure this one has anthem written all over it.

Flip over for 4 more unheard Spike gems, little lost nuggets that didn’t find their way on to the much loved LP “Orange Cloud Nine” but need to be heard: “You Can Do It” is much in demand already among those that know, and the closing cut “Careful” is a fragile beauty.

All songs unavailable elsewhere! Except of course on the impossible to find privately pressed OG copies :)