SQUARES THERE | Contemporary Tools EP


contemporary tools ep


Inner Sunset Recordings is at it again with another slammin’ 4-track 12” vinyl E.P. that showcases the label’s distinctively deep sound and classic roots, only this time with a modern twist! Scheduled for release in April of 2018, Squares There - “Contemporary Tools E.P.” (ISR1209) takes ISR’s catalog to new territories with a more tech-oriented vocabulary of sounds and an array of modern production techniques never before employed on an ISR release. For the classy and deep old-school heads out there, “She’s Shopping Drunk Again” (A1) is sure to be an instant pleaser with its jazzy vibraphone solos, soft organ lines, and walking bassline. “My Sisters” (A2) meticulously utilizes repetition, major chords, and sub basses to blissfully numb and entrance the floor. Side B’s two versions of “Hard Press”, with their chunky beat and heavy bass, are an interesting study in variations on a theme. The “Light Mix” (B1) serves up radiant pads and swirling synth stabs, and the “Dark Mix” commits to taking the listener on a brooding, introspective, and psychedelic journey. This E.P. is not to be missed, as an awesome angle on the ISR soundprint - one that seamlessly fits in with the rest of the catalog!