SUEMORI | Maebashi




A1. Obanzai
A2. Bonsai
A3. Suemori Desu
A4. Yakkosan
A5. Kaminari Okoshi
A6. Minamoto
B1. Mekashikomu
B2. Okaya
B3. Yasoshima Kakete
B4. Hankumoi
B5. Senpai Kouhai


The idea for Suemori's new alias arose in conversation with Osàre! Editions label boss, Elena Colombi. An inheritance from his grandfather, the name sets the tone of the album that synthesises traditional Japanese instruments into an electronic format. Dub and drone's eerie resonance collides with staccato electro and fizzling acid on 'Yakkosan.' Driven by a meditative beat, flutes and choral voices glide through 'Senpai Kouhai' while 'Hankumoi' shudders with lucid synth. The cultural iconography of Japan emerges from this dark, textual landscape, haunted both by the ghosts of the past and spectral sound of the future.