SUNSHINE JONES | Fall In Love Not In Line


fall in love not in line

Label: The Urgency Of Change

Format: 12" Import
Cat: TUOC01

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If you were in the global house music scene around the turn of the century, you'll be pleased to hear this news.  

Dubtribe Sound System brought a wealth of inspiration and joy to the world's house music community with its deep, rich, thoughtful, musical and lyrical message at the height of their existence. Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones, the prime instruments behind Dubtribe, dazzled audiences with their performances and further with their releases on home label Imperial Dub.

During an apparent  long hiatus, Sunshine Jones has actually been as busy as ever, doing his own thing, as always, and touring city by city around the world to deliver his message, sound and soul in person to his legion of followers.

On the heels of the tours and shows, Mr. Jones is ready to release the incarnation of sounds that he's so eager to share. The good time vibes are all there with a current poignant meaning for all to ingest. As they say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Although in the data age, this release is deeper and more meaningful than the old adage ever could imply. 

Pacific Beach Vinyl is pleased to announce, Sunshine Jones - Fall In Love Not In Line in three equally glorious renditions. 

UK / Europe / Japan - All Ears Distribution Ltd.
Rest of the World - H Track Distribution Service