TAGLIABUE | Afro Spazio


afro spazio

Label: Cosmica
Cat No: COS005D

Status: LANDED

12" cosmic drug chug house italo progressive re-stocks


Joseph Tagliabue is a DJ and music producer based in Milan. His artistic career begins acting as a music selector in different situations and he is currently a leading figure in the alternative cultural Italian scene.

His meticulous musical research reflects an eclectic style characterized by an Italian attitude which is the expression of the love for his land and its traditions. He traces a music-temporal path that comes from folk sounds mixed with contemporary electronics, spacing from avant-garde experimental sounds to ethnic rhythms and popular songs, taking inspiration from the environment that surrounds it and breaking down the boundaries between the genres, blending its musical influences and reinterpreting its origins with a propensity towards the future.

He offers refined, evocative and always different emotional performances, tailor made to the audience, without ever abandoning his own music identity. For this EP he explores vast cosmic landscapes achieving musical storytelling at its finest expression.