vol 1

Label: Talking Drums

Format: 12" Import
Cat: TD001

afrobeat disco funk psychedelic Repressing


A. C60 Lato A
B. Get Serious


Sprechen sie rhythm? It's time for a new dance...

Welcome to the wonderful weird of Talking Drums - an unsafe space for poorly executed dance moves, misjudged vibes and narcotic bravery.  Semi-Cosmic, way wonky and oozing grooves, this is music for the fringe class.

The party starts with a tripped out tribute to an Italian inspiration. 'C60 Lato A' sees the crew pluck a couple of killers off a well worn Cosmic tape, leave them out in the sun a little too long then stick them back together with an experimental blend of UHU and fufu. Springy bass, spangled brass and mangled electronics make for a motherlode of funk, fried just long enough to make the walls melt. Bendy....

Over on the B-side the crew come through with a little bath-salt boogie, pitched down and loved up for all the slow dancers and romancers out there.  Strutting like a stoned fox, 'Get Serious' wraps rubber-limbed bass around propulsive percussion, gets hooky with the horns then slaps you silly with its x-rated synth-smut.  Pinched from the pound bin and taped over a CH 5 classic, this disco drooler will loosen up even the stickiest floors.  Freshly dressed and pressed to impress, the Drums are talking...