THE KBCS | Pho Sessions, Vol. 1


pho sessions, vol. 1

Label: Legere
Cat No: LEGO157


12" downtempo funk jazz


01. Rauschgift
02. Happy Schneesturm
03. Roys Eier
04. Udon Noodle Skit
05. Raum & Zeit *Ft Flo Mega*
06. The Missing Track
07. Season For Love *Ft Flo Mega*
08. Filmscore Jam
09. At the Garduong
10. Ça Va Bien Jam


The KBCS were born in the northern hemisphere under the zodiac sign of snowman. They sound like Föhr and nicely topped pizza, tight as thinly folded pizza boxes and with drums dry as flour that would nearly make you cough. But hotter. Laughing is part of their ritual to get into the zone. Even though some of them prefer Phở without coriander, they still won't order it online because of plastic waste.

The moon shone happily while they recorded their spiced up cinematic, funky & atmospheric lowdown grooves album.And since the polar star was missing, they headed for Venus instead. Luckily, they didn't keep it four-dimensional but had old friend and funk head Mr Flo Mega himself on keys and good vibes – things got really wicked from there. Few people were present and those who were are not entirely sure how it all happened or where it began. Some people say it was Roy, others blame it on the sauna. Fact is that the session took its own course and most people were smiling during the recordings.

Nobody knew then about the flamingo on the cover or why the bird at least looks like one. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany the KBCS not only love to record but also play around Europe. Be sure to welcome them with a Phở in your city and they will surely return the favor by taking you on a ride utilizing a special horse: the (space) funk lama.