THE KEEPER | Golden Round Circus


golden round circus

Label: Universal Cave

Format: 7" Import
Cat: UC005

cosmic disco electronic funk Re-stocks


UC005 is music for sideways times when down is up and up is down. Golden Round Circus and I Couldn't Fool Around No More are spiritual kin to Michael Wynn Band's Dark Night and Straight Shooter's Frame of Mind. Chugging, cosmic AOR by heads for heads. Golden Round Circus elevates the mind with hypnotic synth and I Couldn't Fool Around No More soars on open drum breaks, guitar solos and multi-tracked harmonies.

Nobody knows what's really going down with the mysterious Viking known as The Keeper. Here's what we know: The Keeper is Swedish, has some previous work in Nemas Problemas on Fasaan Recordings, and an upcoming release on Passport to Paradise. While we've been sworn to reveal no more information, The Keeper is more than welcome to the Universal Cave family.