THOMAS GRAY / LIAM EBBS | 3 Days, 2 Nights


3 days, 2 nights

Label: Analogue Attic
Cat No: AAR014

Status: LANDED

12" ambient breakbeat electronic psych


A1. Ladies Well
A2. Heatherbae
B1. Mount Allyn
B2. Elegy For Nick's Car


Austalia's Analogue Attic has grown to become one of the most beloved purveyors or emotive deep house, ambient and electronica in recent years via a steady stream of releases from the likes of label heads Albrecht La'Brooy, Sleep D and a selection of up and coming artists from their homeland.

Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs:
"The tracks on the record were inspired by a journey to Barrington Tops, a national park in the Hunter Region of New South Wales. The music itself has a physical link to this area through the field recordings present in the songs and is also imbued with with many vague and wistful memories of the summer trip.

Sitting Atop Mount Allen as the sun rose over the distant hill tops, we were struck by the cyclical beauty of nature. We were visitors in this place, where everything would continue as it was whether we were there to see it or not. It is this feeling that perhaps influenced us the most in the writing of the record. It infuses organic with electronics, whilst also mimicking the concurrent sense of happiness and melancholy that is often associated with experiences of nature."

'Ladies Well' leads with plucked strings, airy ethereal chords, hypnotic field recordings at its core whilst organic percussion, jazzy piano lines and warm subs ebb and flow within. 'Heatherbrae' follows next, retaining a similarly dreamy aesthetic with swirling atmospherics, twinkling keys and jangling strings while tipping the rhythmic focus over to bumpy, broken, jazz-tinged drums.

Opening the flip side is 'Mount Allyn' which edges into a more psychedelic realms with billowing vocal textures, murky bass tones, shuffled drums and squelching 303 licks ahead of closing track 'Elegy For Nick's Car', which - as the name would suggest - employs a cinematic, orchestral feel with dynamic evolutions of strings, percussion and piano lines throughout.