TIM MAIA | 1970



Label: Oficial Arquivos

Format: LP Import
Cat: OA7070

brazil funk latin pre-order reissue Repressing soul xlp

0:00 - Coroné Antônio Bento
2:11 - Cristina 4:17 - Jurema
5:30 - Padre Cícero
7:52 - Flamengo
9:54 - Você Fingiu
13:51 - Eu Amo Você
17:54 - Primavera (Vai chuva)
20:01 - Risos
22:36 - Azul da Cor do Mar
25:53 - Cristina nº 2
27:24 - Tributo à Booker Pittman


The first studio album by legendary singer and composer Tim Maia, picked by Rolling Stone Brazil as one of the top 25 greatest Brazilian albums of all time, changed the game by seamlessly combining popular Brazilian music, MPB, with the brassy soul sound associated with Memphis. In addition to Maia classics “Azul Da Cor Du Mar,” “Coroné Antonio Bento” and “Primavera,” highlights include the funk-meets-baião “Padre Cicero” and the soulful “Cristina.”