TODH TERI | Deep In India Vol 1


deep in india vol 1

Label: Todh Teri

Format: 12" Import
Cat: TODH001

bollywood cosmic disco electronic middle eastern midtempo pre-order


Todh Teri announces the launch of its debut release,with a limited vinyl only edition. Todh Teri is the revival of the golden era in Indian cinema. It’s the resurgence of Indian disco, funk & cabaret from the 70’s , 80’s & 90’s. Deep in India Vol.1 goes back to its homegrown roots and gives us three classic gems. Each edit retaining its original flavor & a little something more to take to the dance floor.  Todh Teri polishes off each track with a signature groove if its own. Ten seconds into an edit and you are deep in India! In the past, Todh Teri has brought this style of music to Berlin’s clubs like Rummelsbucht & Wilde Renate. The act is scheduled to showcase in July at Sispyhos, Berlin & set for a very special LIVE debut at Wilde Renate, this August. In an Interview with Todh Teri, Red Bull said – „Indian artists have been loath to touch anything Bollywood and understandably so… Step in Todh Teri who wants to “connect the lost world of Indian disco with western club sounds.” Teri understands that “most Indian artists are (or were) not sure [about edits], because without proper execution, they can be easily clubbed as [mainstream] Bollywood remixes.”