TRENTON CHASE | Plannar Array


plannar array

Label: Artificial Dance
Cat No: AD009


12" electronic LP techno


A1. Transit Decay
A2. Wind Shear
A3. Narked
A4. Planar Array
B1. Anamnesis
B2. Rto
B3. Doppler Shift


Following his debut LP in June 2017, Trenton Chase returns with "Planar Array", a 7 track LP on Artificial Dance. As half of Manie Sans Délire and the co-owner of June records, he's known for his uncompromising sound that touches a wide range of genres. The release is heavy-hitting with distorted vocals, industrial textures and dagger-like synths, a satisfying array of wave, EBM and experimental music. From Transit Decay with the clunky bassline and depth at its core to the aggressive electronics in Narked. From the title track, Planar Array's melodic high synths to the dreamy contracting offbeat of Doppler Shift. Trenton Chase brings the smoke out of the machine, progressively getting harder, faster and more destructive.