V/A | Above Machine Sampler


above machine sampler

Label: Above Machine

Format: 12" Import
Cat: AM007

ambient balearic downtempo rack

Release Notes From All Ears
As the sun rises a little higher in the sky, Above Machine emerge from their Winter hibernation with the first fruits of their impeccably assembled new release schedule.
Jonny Nash takes on Jose Manuel's 'Summer Wind' and, much like the superb 'Melody As Truth' releases he's penned, sets out a widescreen canvas of tone and melody, as piano and vocal punctuate the sonic plain. Twisted Tongue take on Maricopa's recently unveilied 'We Could Maybe' feat. Nicola Kramer. And the result sounds like Loose Ends operating as in-house band at a speakeasy orbiting a distant nebula
The B Side has Seconds' 'Another Day' beautifully reconfigured for sunrise moments by SLO, while B2 has an original SLO moment 'Bombora' which, much like it's namesake is a gentle Balearic breaker washing over the sonic reef...
Bona fide bottled sunshine people - Above Machine are back !