V/A | Jupiter Liberation Front


jupiter liberation front

Label: Lips & Rhythm

Format: 12" Domestic
Cat: LRR003

balearic deepness disco electronic house


One of the most ambitious projects from Lips & Rhythm Records to date, Jupiter Liberation Front is both a concept album and a collective with a mission. Formed on a rooftop in Barcelona in the summer of 2015, the group brings together a unique squad of producers, DJs and musicians from the far reaches of planet Earth. Jupiter Liberation Front includes label big bosses, Birds Of Rhythm, the long overdue debut of Barcelona’s Christian Len, Papaduapa of Za! and two of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets (until now) Camilo Miranda and Benicio P.

This cosmic musical union has produced a sun-soaked EP about a journey to the mysterious gas planet. From the dreamy, Balearic Thalassa to a taste of boogie funk on Stranded in Jupiter and an exotic lounge vibe on Gardens of Jupiter, the record is a fusion of many warm sounds that shape a theme best described as islands in space.

Written in the quiet moments of the winter on Ibiza, in Barcelona and on the California coast, this is a smooth, summer gem, fit for any outdoor gathering, whether beneath the rays of the sun or in the glow of moonlight. So come along as we take flight with the sounds of Jupiter Liberation Front…