V/A |  Milano Disco Wave Vol 1


milano disco wave vol 1

Label: Disco Modernism

Format: LP Import
Cat: DM019

compilation cosmic disco electro electronic italo


After five years of Disco Modernism, old and new teams of producers join together for this fresh collection of future dancefloor fillers. The main idea behind the Milano Disco Wave title is to represent what is happening now in the Milan’s club scene. Featuring six tracks crafted by well known artists as Rago and Farina of ‘Lectric Workers, Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti of Italoconnection, Stefano Tirone of Modo, Livio Fogli of La Maison, young hopes as Forklift & Saw and Codazzi, all working hard to produce a modern sounding version of Italo disco for the future. The release is strictly limited to 300 12” vinyls.