V/A | That's A Steal 3


that's a steal 3


A1. Beard In Dust & Arsenii - Hey Hey

A2. Arsenii - Commando

B1. Sputnik - Bhangraman

B2. Guido Minisky - The Villian Edit



With a 3rd release on That's A Steal, the mysterious label just keep on delivering. Crossover sounds from all over the world united by an open-minded approach to the dance floor.

This time all of the tracks originate in India, opening with a disco bomb, Hey Hey, and continuing with the heart crushing slow jam of Commando.

Bhangraman on B1 combines mid-east synths, proto-house 707 rhythm with a mid-east melody, uplifting chants to later develop into Chicago style piano solo as a cherry on its cool whip. The closing number offers you early 90's breakbeat rhythms with freaky scratches to go real wild!