GHOST TOWN | Who? What?


who? what?

Label: Ghost Town
Cat No: GT009

Status: LANDED

12" disco edits funk soul


Ghost Town follows up it’s biggest selling release, GT008, with two major floor fillers edited by Cazbee and Citizen respectively. 

Side A. - Who? What?

Londoner Cazbee was part of the first generation of UK graffiti writers in the 1980's. A DJ and collector for nearly 30 years, he guested at legendary UK raves, Sunrise, Energy and Biology back in the heyday of acid house. He now releases edits alongside Richard Sen on their Mixed Blood Cuts label and joins the Ghost Town roster with this amazing arrangement of some prime Norman Whitfield territory. The rhythm hits the ground running, horns swoop in, the energy builds and boils over, and then it starts all over again. Fire!

Side B. - Happy

Label Honcho Citizen takes a Nilsson raucous bomb and tailors it a bit for the dancefloor emphasizing the great work done on this jam by legends Jim Gordon and Herbie Flowers and some guy named Lennon. It is a hardcore wail for some utopian good vibes and this arrangement emphasizes all of transcendent glory. We can make each other happy – indeed.

“Two monster jams each for a different moment of the night – ace – Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area/Siren)

 “Kane why didn’t you send me Happy sooner – damn it just blew up the room here…” – Richard Sen (Padded Cell/Mixed Blood)