VAKULA | In Search Of Ancient Civilization


in search of ancient civilization

Label: Arma
Cat No: ARMA022


ambient double experimental LP


A1. Hypotheses
A2. In Search of Ancient Civilization
B. In the wake of Trismegistus
C1. Lemurian Balad
C2. Om Namah Shivaya
D1. The Message
D2. New Civilization
D3. Sacred Forest


In Search of Ancient Civilization is an contemporary electronic work at its finest, although the tools used to shape its sound are linked to a folk tradition. For that matter the album features musicians from within Vakula's creative circle. Tracks that needed specific vocals and also rare instruments such as harp, fujara, tambourine have been produced in collaboration with Olena Nevertii and Yaroslav. The artist has sampled himself while throat singing along with field recordings in natural surroundings. There's a message behind the carefully made-by-hand fantasy aesthetics of the production and its unconventional voice. Vakula's fascination with the Ancient world moved him through the history of humanity, to the point where his findings were insightful enough to warn the listener: "It's time to wake up".