VALIQUE | Variations



Label: Masterworks
Cat No: MMV011


12" boogie disco edits funk


A1. It's Hot *Heavy Boogie Edit*
A2. Think About It *Not Too Long Edit*
B1. One Chain *Makes No Prison Edit*
B2. Hypnotizing *Wanna Be Free Edit*


Volume 11 of the Masterworks Music journey comes in the form a four track e.p. of edit gold from Russian producer, Valique.

'It's Hot [Heavy Boogie Edit]' opens up proceedings, laying down a guitar driven, synth boogie gem, heavy on the squelchy top lines, weighty bass and full-frontal female vocals. 'Think About It [Not Too Long Edit]' then takes you into peak time disco territory - sun drenched, beefed up, filtered and phased for maximum dancefloor vibrations.

Flip it over and you're hit with an infectious guitar lick and bumping bass from the off on 'One Chain [Makes No Prison Edit]', before that killer vocal joins the party. Finally, rounding off the e.p. 'Hypnotizing [Wanna Be Free Edit]' treads a more late-night path with a hypnotising vocal sample coupled with panned cosmic pads and percussion, sure to entrance any crowd it's put before.