YUJI OHNO | Golden Dog


golden dog


A1. Golden Dog
A2. Wandering Days
A3. Cesca's Emergency
A4. Injured Love
A5. Being Chased
A6. Angel's Tombstone *Inst*
B1. A Challenge To Lie
B2. Love Does Not Return
B3. The Great Solitude
B4. Eyes In The Dark
B5. Beyond The Twilight
B6. Angel's Tombstone



Archival reissue of highly sought-after 1979 soundtrack from funky maestro Yuji Ohno, the genius jazz player/composer behind the music of Lupin III and Capitaine Future and much much more. Big grooves, irresistible basslines, horns for days, funk for-ever. This superb piece of music from the legendary Toho Records catalogue is a MUST HAVE for fans of Japanese gems. It's the original soundtrack of Shigeyuki Amane's excellent TV movie Golden Dog (Ôgon No Inu). With a secret agent dog carrying secret documents. Last appearance by the one and only Reiko Ike! Highly recommended to everyone who loves good dogs and good music.